Why Become A Premium Member !?!?

As a premium member you will get unlimited access to the entire heroes universe! Join the club and get up to 20,000 bonus coins!

Adventure Everywhere!

There's a whole universe to explore! As a premium member you get access to all available planets, every daring quest and lots of exclusive members only games!
Space Heroes Universe

Get the party started!

Put your hands in the air like you just don't care! As a premium member you get to party among the stars (literally!) at exclusive events. Party people say yo!
Space Heroes Universe

Buddy Up!

Wanna be the life of the party? Throw out the limits and have up to a thousand buddies on your friends list. Time to squad up for adventure!
Space Heroes Universe

Jam with friends!

Rock the stage and drop some mad tunes! Choose your instrument - guitar, sax, DJ decks, drums and many more. Create a band with friends and make some sweet music!
Space Heroes Universe

Epic Parties

Rock out at epic parties with cool costumes, special powers and wicked fun!
Space Heroes Universe

Flaunt your hero style!

Stand out from the crowd and create your own special look! As a premium member you can spend your virtualcoins on cool clothes and accessories for your Hero, Glow and your Kritterz.
Space Heroes Universe

Kritter crazy!

Grab yourself some cute, cuddly or down-right crazy Kritterz, the coolest pets in the universe! As a premium member you'll get to care for your new furry friends and teach them tricks!
Space Heroes Universe

Epic home pads

Decorate your house - inside AND out - with awesome themed furniture and decor. As a premium member you can make your house a home with loads of different styles!
Space Heroes Universe

Glowtion Potions

As a premium member you'll have the golden opportunityto change your glow's color with Glowtion Potions from Professor Q's lab. The hardest part will be deciding which color to choose!
Space Heroes Universe

Starjets and jetpacks!

As a premium member you can customise your Starjet with awesome mods and explore the galaxy in style. You can also buy new jetpacks and amazing special vehicles to explore different planets!
Space Heroes Universe

VIP Access to game servers

As a premium member you'll get VIP priority access to the most popular game servers.
Space Heroes Universe

Give gifts to your friends

Show your hero friends how much you care by sending special gifts and presents. You'll be the most popular hero in the galaxy!
Space Heroes Universe

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